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Destination wedding Spain

Get married in Spain

Would you like to have an incredible destination wedding in Spain? Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Spain?

So, you are in the right place at the right time. If you want to have an amazing and unique wedding, I can help you with that.

I will be delighted to be the treasurer of your images.

Today more and more as a wedding photographer I receive information about my services for couples from Northern Europe and the United Kingdom.

It does not have to be a difficult task to be able to contemplate your wedding day in a country in southern Europe, full of light, tradition, magical places on the beach, near the mountain or in small exclusive villas. All this needs to be documented in the best possible way and without language problems with a legal and expert wedding photographer.

iWedig Photos® by Isaac Wedig, has decided to offer these services since on more than 4 occasions a year he travels to Europe and the United Kingdom to take wedding photography and video. This, together with investing the contract, offers the opportunity to go out to a warm and welcoming country where you can celebrate your union with your family and friends.

If you need help with probes for your day, let me help you and recommend a group of people with whom we usually work in our sector, to make everything easier.

Why hire a day coordinator?

This excellent service is absolutely a must for the big day itself if you haven’t hired a professional planner. We alleviate the many cracks and gaps in any wedding plan, even our most organized and super efficient brides are always amazed at how much they have been overlooked.

Even if you are celebrating your wedding celebration in a hotel or the like, where you have been assigned an “event manager” and there is a team of staff available, there is still no one to take care of all the other elements that make a wedding . His main focus is food and drinks. Would you call your friend or family member if you were late? Probably not, they wouldn’t even notice. This is just one example of why a wedding day coordinator is so important at every wedding, our primary focus is YOU.

In private weddings in villas, estates and places where weddings are not the main business, i.e. beach clubs and restaurants, the list of reasons for having a coordinator is endless.


Are a great success, from our hand you can establish a complicity relationship guaranteeing a positive experience since they have all the tools for the design of the event or celebration: preparation of a closed budget, calendar and monitoring, comprehensive care of assistants, and execution and control of all the necessary elements: from edition of graphic supports, construction of sets, catering, displacements and transfers, selection and reservation of emblematic rooms or spaces, to reports on any support or Press Office for media dissemination. .
D-Luxo also organizes agendas and activities aimed at private tourism where the client can explore the environment and immerse himself in it in a pleasant, safe and comfortable way. The tourist offer is designed exclusively for each client attending to their needs and / or taste

Choose our coasts

The south

More than 300 sunny days a year is not a bad option to escape the cold



More than 100 products with designation of origin from sea to mountains, a varied and traditional Spanish gastronomy

In family

The whole family will be grateful for the experience

One thought on “Destination wedding Spain”

  1. Danke Isaac! Das erstmal vorneweg.
    Ich bin Jens, man kann mich oben auf dem Titelbild sehen, in blauem Frack. Ein Berliner in Andalusien. Isaac hat unsere Hochzeit im Juni 2019 in unglaublich natürlichen Bildern eingefangen. Die Magie in seiner Arbeit ist fast greifbar, und das liegt an der ausgezeichneten Vorbereitung und Durchführung, nicht nur am Hochzeitstag.
    Es war schon einiges an Logistik nötig, meine Familie und Freunde aus Deutschland zu organisieren und alles unter einen Hut zu bringen. Hochzeitsvorbereitungen sind wahrscheinlich immer etwas mühsam, daher war es für uns ein absoluter Luxus, sich auf die professionelle Arbeit von Isaac verlassen zu können. Letztendlich ist er dabei auch ein bisschen Teil der Familie geworden.
    Danke Isaac!

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